green mosaic pool

An ochre-brown mosaic gradation

We created a gradation ochre-brown on the walls in order to create an effect of depth in this swimming pool of only 1.20m deep. The bottom is dressed of the ochre-brown mix for a natural darken green colour. Hôtel « La Bastide », Ramatuelle, France

An Ô Concept creation in glass mosaic Jade Sublime

A turquoise blue-green water with brilliant reflections thanks to a special mix of jade colours with Sublime tiles, the lastest realization of the designer of colours of water in swimming pools, Ô Concept Mosaïques. This molten glass was finished with an epoxy grout with sparkles matched with the colours of the mix. The strength of […]

Brown Caramel Mosaic Mix

Create a water colour in a pool is so easy with glass mosaïcs and the specific know-how from Ô Concept. This Brown Caramel mix is turning into a natural green and shinny water thanks to the Sublime ceramics.

Shades of green

Mosaic pool – Shades of green The nice weather has arrived. The pool season is approaching. It is still time to build or fix your pool with the ideal support which is the glass mosaic. To the advantages of longevity, the ease to clean and the beauty of the tiles, there is another factor well […]

green mosaic pool

The new tendency is a green glass mosaic swimming pool, in other words a natural swimming pool. Ô Concept created some mixes such as “Sable” or “Argile” for green swimming pools, which the colour intensity will either be “sweet” or “darken” according to the owner’s tastes.

Ô Concept advises the professionals in the choice of the glass mosaic and also in the selection of the correct glue and grout, natural stone and floor tiles.

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