blue mosaic pool

A Mediterranean blue mosaic pool

A Mediterranean blue for this majestic pool with a conception of both lap pool and play area This exceptional pool, mirror on three sides, has a large infinity which shows the special mix of blue jeans glass mosaic tiles. The choice of the owner was to integrate in this green environment the blue water colour […]

Light blue flamed mosaic

Light blue flamed mosaic for a movement in the water of the pool. This clear mix of a light blue glass mosaic tiles and a white flamed cloudy tile gives a turquoise crystal clear water with a movement to the water like a light breeze on your pool.

The shades of blue for your mosaic pool

The shades of blue for your mosaic pool To define the tone of a desired blue, to be aware of the swimming pool environment, the style of the house as well as the style of the garden, the eventual shadow which will darken the colour of the water and of course, the choice of the mosaic colour, all of […]

The mosaic pool – Intensive petrol blue water

A new realization of the French maker of colours of water in the pool, Ô Concept Mosaïques, a petrol blue water like the sea at Cap Ferret. Do you want to discover other colours of water? The Collection Ô Blue and Ô Green offers you a pallet of trend colours of water with a lot of […]

blue mosaic pool

The traditional turquoise swimming pool is the one that is known in the entire world for decades. The colour of the water makes you think about the ocean. This thought was used to name our mix of blue. Nevertheless in our days, this mix is becoming less popular. Indeed, the swimming pools of a petrol blue water with our Granite mix and grey-blue with our grey unis and our mix Pierre and Graphite are best-sellers.

We will advise you with the choice of the colour appropriate for your environment, according to style of your house, your garden, the vue… A swimming pool which will perfectly fits in your “sweet home”.

Want to discover more about the swimming pools? Discover our site Ô Concept.


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